Metatron Press is a publishing cooperative dedicated to the contemporary arts. Creating books, CDs, performances, online materials, and multimedia works, they combine mindful experimentation with an eye to what has come before and what might come after.

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New from Metatron Press

Surprise Me with Beauty: the Music of Human Systems

Metatron Press announces the publication of Joseph ZItt's Surprise Me with Beauty: The Music of Human Systems. a new collection of musical scores and writings on structured improvisation. Poetry, games, mathematics, unusual and familiar sounds, and texts and concepts from varied spiritual traditions combine in multifaceted and entertaining works that invite both musicians and non-musicians to listen, create, perform, and enjoy.

Surprise Me with Beauty: The Music of Human Systems is available from or from your local bookstore.

Gray Code CD: Live in Philadelphia 2000

Metatron Press is proud to announce the first CD-R by the ensemble Gray Code, Live in Philadelphia 2000, released in conjunction with Gray Code's Northeastern tour. The disc features quintet performances recorded during the Frankford Arts Festival (May 2000) and the Philadelphia Fringe Festvial (September 2000). At the Fringe Festival, pianist Denman Maroney described Gray Code as "Morton Feldman meets the Art Ensemble of Chicago."

Fending Matis: Shiny and Round

The Fending/Matis duo explores the fertile territory between composition and improvisation. Their repertoire consists of pieces utilizing various degrees of precomposed structures and materials combined with improvisation in various ways. Fending and Matis have been performing together for years and are now excited to present their first release, Shiny & Round.

Artist Feature: Craque

"awkwardly attractive scratching/stretching sounds within a tranquil resonance" - Scanner (Sulphur Records)

About Metatron Press

Begun in 1992 with the creation of the book and performance Shekhinah: The Presence by Joseph Zitt, Metatron Press has published several titles, including the CD (voices) by the ensemble Comma, and is preparing further works, including books, compilations, online creations and CD-ROM multimedia projects.

This website is a work in progress, including an expanding collection of MP3 sound files and scores by Metatron Press artists, announcements of upcoming publications and events, and links to purchasing our publications.